I sat down to watch the Thai series Hormones The Series 2 EP4, because, when this unexpectedly showed up!


last one for tonight
I’ll be posting a few more tomorrow!
Good night lovelies <3

*i follow back original photography blogs*

it could’ve been embarrassing, maknae, but u managed to made it look so cool



shinee is like the only untouched group in sm every kpop fan needs to help us protect them at all costs

I am not even a shawol but my best friend is
She’ll be broken if anythings happens to SHINee

Now see what happened to SNSD

You sones were so proud about your Indestructible & Unbreakable group.
You guys even said a lot of crap when kris left exo, also about hangeng and how strong the bond is within GG.
Remember all these groups are from the same shitty company!!!
SMstans, anything can happen to your bias group.

I hope f(x) members and SHINee members will be together for long.
I’m not even a sone but jessica leaving snsd makes me sad


i was wondering 
why not some foodporn :P